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A roundup of some of our favourite shots from @clerkenwelldesignweek.
One of our favourite creative processes is curating the finishes palette for each new project; it’s a journey filled with possibilities! Stay tuned to see our next vision come to life.
Reflecting on our experience in the legal sector and discussions with clients, we’ve seen workspace design evolve to meet today’s needs. Here are some key insights:

1️⃣ Balancing cellular and collaborative spaces is crucial.
2️⃣ Flex space is essential for the ongoing shift to hybrid work.
3️⃣ Client experience is key—comfort and privacy are musts.
4️⃣ Infuse company identity throughout, not just in front of house.
5️⃣ Remaining adaptable to tech such as generative AI keeps work practices agile.
6️⃣ Sustainability is non-negotiable in both construction and office use.