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We test the built environment using proven processes that define qualitative, quantitative and technical criteria. The studio brings this process in varying degrees of depth to all our projects whether through a large scale standalone building search or as a fundamental part of understanding the space we will go on to design to best deliver our clients’ needs.

For most clients the property decision is one of their most significant project expenditures and throughout this process we understand that efficient, creative use of space along with ease of fit-out are invaluable to project success. We, as a team look to maximise the creative opportunities and ensure a smooth transition from this project phase to successful implementation.


Using a broad array of methodologies we can explore clients aspirations, project vision and technical requirements. We align organisational working patterns with space, looking at our clients current practices and benchmarking these with workplace trends across all sectors. Our clients find this process an invaluable stage facilitating their people to explore and challenge the future workplace.

We tailor this review process to suit each client using a variety of tools including; project vision workshops, detailed brief taking, staff surveys, operational and technical requirements interviews, space budgets and building test fitting. Our expertise in a broad spectrum of sectors allows us to support any client change management programmes and future working trends to achieve the final strategy.  Our clients find by commissioning us to carry out this work stage they are greatly informed moving into major property decisions and the concept design.


Creative thinking and problem solving are at the core of our design philosophy. The studio team relish the challenge of marrying project aspirations with innovative design solutions and the realities of budget and programme. We balance project vision with the practicalities of delivering complex and fluid projects, for a diverse group of clients.

We actively encourage a collaborative, inclusive and honest exchange from all parties involved in the design process. Our most successful projects are when the wider design team including the client and their representatives. We foster a strong working relationship with this team throughout the concept design stages. As we move to a the more technical stages this collaboration extends to contractors and ensuring they are fully aware of the full detail of the construction.